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What Makes Us Different

During the 1990's large Wall Street-traded, for-profit companies grabbed fifty percent of the nation's rehabilitation market. This takeover, coupled with the reimbursement crisis, sent the rehabilitation industry and job market spiraling downward. In spite of these trends.

Southern Therapy Services remained steadfastly committed to our basic business philosophy of growth by quality of service, not quantity first. By studying, learning, and adapting to the changes, we not only survived but also improved our position in the market. As a result our company is stronger than ever.

Some things that contributed to our success are:

  • We live, work, and play in the communities we serve.
  • Our staff is committed to making our communities stronger by their presence.
  • The decision makers sit across the table from our business partners.
  • The decision makers work alongside our staff.
  • We are P.T. and O.T. owned and committed to that.
  • We are at the top with benefit packages.
  • Our company is placing an ESOP or Employee Owned Program in place for all eligible employees.