Kaitlyn Smith

Many patients at Southern Therapy find themselves needing therapy to rehabilitate an existing injury or health condition. By combining the professional expertise of our Therapists with a proper diet plan from our Nutritionist, we can help speed your recovery time while providing your body with all the nutrients it requires. A proper diet can aid in creating strong and healthy muscle tissue post injury and help to decrease the chances of being re-injured.

Whether you simply want to learn to eat healthy or you have specific dietary requirements, our staff will conduct an individualized nutritional assessment and create a plan just for you. Southern Therapy's Nutritionist, Kaitlyn Smith, builds personalized fitness and nutrition plans that fit with your lifestyle, schedule and goals. Improve your health now; reduce your risk of chronic disease, and live a healthier life!

Highlights of Our Program:

Sounther Physical Therapy | Nutrition | Carrollton | Villa Rica | Bremen Sounther Physical Therapy | Nutrition | Carrollton | Villa Rica | Bremen
  • One stop shop to not only rehabilitate your injury, but to give you the tools to live a healthy lifestyle
  • Fitness & Wellness
  • Nutrition & Weight Loss Services
  • Health Education

Nutrition Education Topics:

  • Heart Healthy Eating
  • Weight Management
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Anti-Inflammatory Diet
  • Pre & Post Operation Nutrition
  • Gluten/Celiac Disease
  • Pregnancy
  • Postpartum
  • Diabetes
  • Sports Performance

Nutrition is not just about counting calories and eating a well-balanced diet. In most cases, food can prevent, treat and even reverse illness to help transform your overall health. Southern Therapy's nutrition services is located at our Carrollton location. Feel free to contact our clinic for more information or schedule an appointment at 770-834-7436.

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